A Historical Break in Lycian Way

Applicant: Culture Routes Society

Project Partner: Demre District Governorate, Demre Municipality, Kapaklı Mukhtarship

Being Turkey’s first long-range hiking route and one of the top 10 long-distance hiking trail of the world, Lycian Way, is preferred by many tourists every year. The project was prepared based on the tourism potential of the region and taking into account the basic needs of tourists such as resting and accommodation. By means of the project, it is aimed to raise awareness on sustainable tourism in the region and to merge three different Lycian way walking routes in the Hoyran and Kapaklı villages of Demre.

With the trainings provided, awareness was raised in the region on sustainable tourism and the local production was maintained with the productions of the women living in the villages. Also; it was started to provide the visitors with the facilities for resting and accommodation, besides walking. In addition to promoting and making the nearby historic areas more attractive and accessible, a women association was established. The women started to operate the buildings in Kapakli and Hoyran, which were opened within the scope of project, as cafeteria. Thus, women began to make handworks and local dishes in two different places, and to sell them to generate income. After the project, Kapaklı and Hoyran Villages became a centre where visitors can have a rest and choose alternative routes.

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