Edremit’s Local Cuisine with Nar Kadın

Applicant: SS Nar Kadın Environment Culture and Business Cooperative

Project Partner: Edremit Chamber of Commerce, Edremit Municipality

The project aimed to bring forth and brand the local flavours made by olive oil, and promote gourmet tourism in Edremit district of Balıkesir. It intended to serve as an example in sustainable tourism through providing personal and occupational development training to local women, and transforming their products into tourism items. The offering of such products reflecting the traditional culture of Edremit began to strengthen local women economically. In this context, 40 women received trainings on entrepreneurship, hygiene, competitiveness, good conversation and methods to use olive oil. 7 women among the trainees employed in the building that was allocated by Edremit Municipality and which was renovated as a restaurant. The tastes specific to the region, made with the olive oil produced by women are presented to visitors at the Nar Kadın Gourmet House. www.narkadin.com

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