Explore Your Own Butterfly

Applicant: Taurus NGOs Federation of Adana (Adana Toros Dernekler Federasyonu)
Partners: Municipality of Saimbeyli; Department of Biology of Faculty Science and Letter at Univ. Of Çukurova; District Governorship of Saimbeyli; Provincial Directorate of Nature Conservancy and National Parks of Adana of 7th Regional Directorate of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs

The project aimed to highlight the butterfly diversity in Turkey through the so-called “Saimbeyli Blue” (a.k.a. “teressa blue”) in Saimbeyli district of Adana noted as one of the 10 important butterfly zones in Turkey, create a visitor reception centre in this tourism niche, and initiate the infrastructure works for the nature park status intended for declaration in the district. The project will help Saimbeyli publicize both to our country and the world her unblemished natural beauty and rich biological diversity.

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