Four Seasons Foça

Applicant: Association of Tourism Operators, Investors and Shop-Owners of Foça

Project Partner: Foça District Governorate, Foça Municipality

It was aimed to expand the existing tourism activities to four seasons and to introduce nature-friendly production and business models for tourism activities for the sake of sustainable tourism in Foça, where traditional production methods such as viniculture, fruit and vegetable growing, olive cultivation, coastal fishery are also continued. With the participation of all stakeholders, activities that could be engaged in Foça for four seasons were set forth and a comprehensive sustainable tourism plan was prepared. For the diversification of souvenirs, handcrafted and industrial products specific to Foça, that can be marketed, were identified. Branding work under the name of “Dört Mevsim Foça” (Four Seasons in Foça) started. Foça tour plan was formed within the framework of sustainable tourism approach. Daily tours, cycling, hiking, diving, fishing tours and activity tours related to nature sports, experience tourism tours were determined. Sustainable tourism trainings were provided to tourism enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and boat owners.

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