Home of Aromatic Plants Koycegiz

Applicant: Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University

Project Partner: Köyceğiz Municipality and District Governorship.

The project aims to increase the tourism potential of Köycegiz, the 16th Cittaslow in Turkey through promoting its botanic richness of medicinal and aromatic plants. The project will realize its activities with a community-based tourism approach, increase women’s employment and will set a good example for aromatherapy tours which are already a trend in the world.

Under the project, a traditional mansion built in 1932 will be allocated by the Municipality and will be renovated as the “Home of Aromatic Plants”. At this place, aromatherapeutic oils will be manufactured from endemic plants and trees such as sweetgum tree (Liquidambar orientalis) by taking into consideration the balance between usage and conservation of the local values. A webinar series for the usage of aromatic plants will be organized and thirty local women will be trained on aromatherapy and eco-print. A research will be carried out for establishing a women’s organization in cooperation with local authorities for women who will work in Home of Aromatic Plants. Moreover, an inventory of aromatic plants of Köyceğiz will be published and an Aromatic Plants Festival will be organised.

Hygiene, digital literacy and social media management trainings will be organized as a response to Covid-19 crises with the participation of local tourism actors. . Branding and packaging of the products will be designed based on an established corporate identity.


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