Journey of Linen in Ayancık

Applicant: Association of Master Instructors

Project Partner: Union of Service Delivery for Villages, Ayancik District Directorate of Provincial Agriculture And Forestry, Ayancık Public Education Center and Evening Art School

The project will revitalize the art of making linen cloth and linen thread as a traditional product of Ayancik district of Sinop and incorporate it into tourism. The project intends to bring together the last masters of linen yarn makers and young people so that masters teach traditional production techniques and raise young masters. Thereby, it will contribute to preserving the district’s cultural heritage and handing it over to future generations.

An atelier will be established and linen yarn making machines will be renewed through integrating innovative methods for ease of use, especially for women. A route of linen passing through the linen fields and natural heritages of the region will be created and tours will be organized to the renovated atelier where visitors will be able to experience linen yarn making. A handicraft centre will be established for display and sales of linen products and “Flax Harvest Festival” will be organized in order to promote the region’s traditional art. Moreover, visitors will visit flax farming villages and contribute to conserving the natural heritages of Ayancik.

All related parties will participate to hygiene, digital literacy and social media management trainings as a response to Covid-19 crises. A website will be designed together with an established corporate identity and a marketing strategy will be developed.


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