Lavender Scented Village

Applicant: Keçiborlu Mutual Aid and Educational Society

Project Partner: Keçiborlu District Governorate, Kuyucak Village Mukhtarship

Kuyucak Village of Isparta supplies 93% of lavender production in Turkey. By means of the project; it was aimed to revitalize the rural tourism in the Kuyucak Village, to ensure the product diversity of lavender, to ensure income generation for local community and to mobilize the employment and entrepreneurial potential in the region. In this direction, as a first step, a study tour was organized to Provence region of France, which is one of the good examples of rural tourism, with the participation of opinion leaders of the community, the project team and women producing lavender, to have a good model at hand. The Lavender Scented Village Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative was established and women were given trainings on the areas such as rural tourism, product design, guesthouse management, entrepreneurship, medical aromatic plants, hygiene, good conversation, and cooperative system. The destination was visited by 20 thousand tourists during the summer season of 2016, while this number reached 140 thousand and 190 thousand in the summer of 2017 and 2018 respectively.

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