Let’s be a Misian

Applicant: Nilufer Misi Village Women’s Cultural and Beneficiary Association
Partners: Nilüfer Municipality

In the 2000-year-old historic village of Misia, the most important means of subsistence for local people was up until 15 years ago. The project aimed to rejuvenate this historical trade that was dying out and re-locate in the tourism sector. In line with the objective of generating revenue out of the products by local women under the project, 44 women received tourism training to work in the stores and enterprises. Today, while most delicious local dishes are served to guests in the Cocoon House (Koza Evi), a registered Misia home, the sale and marketing of products produced by women is effected through the Silk House (Ipek Evi) along with branding efforts.

In the course of the project, the heritage craft of sericulture has been revived. This added value has been scaled up when Nilüfer municipality has decided to spread this practice throughout the city.

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