Future is Possible with the Responsible Tourist …

Getting some fresh air under a shiny sun,
dipping your face in the cool waters of a creek,
listening to stories from the locals of the region,
walking amidst the sounds made by the leaves of the endemic plants as they rub against each other,
taking back home a souvenir from a local craftsman
is the right of the future generations just as much as it is yours.

The experiences you gain in your journeys and what you leave behind define who you are.
Do not forget that the future is in sustainable tourism and be a responsible tourist.
Because there is so much to explore!

Meet the Responsible Tourist!

Tourism lives and establishes a link between the past and the future. It is up to responsible tourists to continue connecting the past and the future while living in the present. Well, who are these responsible tourists?

They are curious travelers who are aware of their responsibilities while adopting behaviors and practices that help guide sustainable tourism.

They minimize the adverse economic, social and environmental impacts in locations they explore as they travel. They make their travel plans by considering the welfare of the people living in the destinations and supporting the locals.

Responsible tourists are curious, adventurous, and open to learning. They travel in time while exploring the centuries-old natural and cultural heritages, enjoy their journey through local and entertaining experiences that are available only in their destinations.

Responsible tourists set out on their journey knowing that tourism is accessible to all.

This planet belongs to all of us. And it is possible to make it remain livable if we set out on our journey with our responsibilities in mind.

You can do it too.

  • You must respect the culture, customs and traditions of the region, the beliefs in the sacred spaces, and adhere to the rules in historical and cultural areas.
  • You must never camp in prohibited areas, and never light fire in forests.
  • For a sustainable world, you must conserve the nature, flora and fauna and never purchase souvenirs made from animals such as seashells, corals, ivory, etc.
  • You can take advantage of daylight by turning off the lights during the day.
  • Make sure that you turn off the air conditioner and lights before you leave your room.
  • You can reduce your water and energy consumption by taking showers in a shorter time.
  • You can reduce your waste by not generating unnecessary waste.
  • You can protect our blue planet by not disposing of your waste in nature and sorting your wastes.
  • Instead of plastic bags and cups you can use a fabric bag and your own thermos.
  • You can prevent food waste by not taking more than you will eat.
  • By preferring local products and local foods, you can support local production and economy and protect the local.
  • You can reduce carbon emissions from transportation by cycling or walking to cover short distances, thus making your transportation environment-friendly.
  • Before traveling, you can thoroughly examine your route and check whether the hotels you are planning to stay are environment-friendly.
  • Make sure contacting only to travel agencies who are as responsible as you are.
  • While shooting photos, respect others’ personal rights and ask for permission from people in your frame.
  • At the local level, be respectful to tourism workers, bellboys, waiters, drivers, and guides.
  • You can raise the awareness of people around you by sharing your experiences.
  • You can visit areas other than popular destinations in the low season.
  • You can participate in volunteer work in the areas you visit.

    You can become a responsible tourist by leaving a minimum footprint and a good impression by doing all these.