Stonemasonry at Gobeklitepe, the World’s Oldest Temple

Applicant: Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Project Partner: Şanlıurfa Governorate, Eyyubiye Municipality

The project aimed to identify traditional stonemasonry patterns to be used in touristic products, transfer the art of stone masonry to future generations, create new job opportunities for young people in the region and contribute to the local economic development. A stonemasonry atelier was established and 21 students including 6 women received stonemasonry training; these women have also become the first women stonemasons in Turkey. New lines of businesses have been created in fields like giftwares and structure decoration and trainings on entrepreneurship has been provided. By means of the workshop, it’s intended for recreating the former identity of the city along with using the stone patterns made by the stonemasons in the new buildings to be constructed. Through the great deal of attention attracted by the project, the Eyyübiye Municipality started to support the project through launching new workshops and paying fee to women taking stonemasonry classes.

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