The Birds are Calling You

Applicant: Society for the Protection and Sustenance of Animals

Project Partner: Buldan District Governorate, Buldan Municipality

By means of the project, it is aimed to reveal the tourism potential of Lake Yayla, which is wonder of nature situated at an elevation of 1,150 meters located in Buldan District of Denizli. Some studies were performed for the recognition of Lake Yayla, which draws attention to the bird species, rich biodiversity and ecotourism potentials of Lake Yayla of Buldan. Bird inventory was prepared for Lake Yayla and its surroundings and it was determined that the lake hosted 163 species of birds. An alternate hiking route from Buldan to Lake Yayla was created and presented to the use of nature lovers. Through the trainings given to local women, the birds of Lake Yayla began to be woven on Buldan textile which is an 8000-year tradition. There have been attempts to raise public awareness of Lake Yayla among the local community and visitors, to protect biodiversity and to revitalize the ecotourism potential of the region. With the project, sustainable tourism in the region was revitalized and a contribution was made to the local economy.

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